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Don't Just Make a Difference. Be the Difference. Donate Today

You Can Help Me Speak To Thousands Through The Power Of The Spoken Word

While "The Man Behind the Voice" mission is greatly needed, I also recognize that many organizations in urban areas cannot afford the mission and purpose of TMBV. Now is the time to help me reach those who need encouragement, one-on-one mentorship, and a strong advocate. Your financial contributions to "The Man Behind the Voice" will speak volume in changing the lives of thousands across our country. No monetary gift is too small for the great task ahead, so please consider making a donation. Don't just make a difference, be the difference, and donate today. 

All on-line giving is private and all information will be deleted once your donation has been processed.

You are not required to open a PayPal account to give.

Once you leave this page, enter in the dollar amount, and then click where it says "Donate with a debit or credit card." Follow all steps to complete your donation transaction. It's easy and simple, will only take you five minutes !!!

Thanks so much for your generosity.

Click On The Donate Button

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