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Career Snap Shot 

  • Government Consultant
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Advocate 
  • Civil Rights & Community Activist
  • Public & Motivational Speaker
  • Life Coaching
  • Budgeting & Finance Consultant
  • Community Networking- Public Relations
  • Event / Fundraiser Chairman
  • Sales & Marketing Expert
  • Campaign Manager
  • Business & Leadership Development Expert  

"The Man Behind the Voice"

Norris G. Guillot Jr, is a true native from the Cajun Land Alexandria, Louisiana where he spent most of his life. He is the distinguish son of Norris & the late Alice Guillot, and the late Dr. Maria B. Webb. Over the years Guillot's life experiences and wisdom has made a positive impact on many people young and old. His desire to help others has brought him over many challenges and obstacles in life. He is known throughout the country for his countless hours of volunteering with community organizations helping to better man-kind. His committed passion in life is seeking ways to help others who are in need and in dying search for guidance. Coming from a very large family, Guillot know all about the ins and outs of overcoming obstacles. After losing his motivation for education, he became a part of the status-quo "a high school drop-out". Although it wasn't the approval of his parents, Guillot made a choice to drop out his junior year in high school, a choice that he would later regret. Traditionally like in most conservative households, he was not able to stay in the home as a high school drop-out. This became the turning point in his life, his mother forced him to move out and move in with his eldest sister Janice. Seven months later, Guillot decided education wasn't an option, but a mandatory necessity. On May 12, 1998, his aspiration to gain higher education was the start to a road of great success.

In 2003, Guillot started experiencing life challenges within a two year time span. It started when his mother passed away from a Cardiovascular / Heart  Disease that resulted to her sudden death. After battling with deep depression from this great loss, the voice of the man crying was no longer silenced. In the fall of 2005, on September 25th, Guillot decided that his voice would be heard by reaching out to others who are suffering from life's obstacles and setbacks. While he continues to encourage and inspire millions, it's in the life of his son that he strives to be the greatest influence, teaching him how to live a life of serving and humility. Norris Guillot Jr, is National Community and Civil Rights Activist, Equal Employment Opportunity Advocate, Government Consultant, Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Business Expert that is willing to go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of others. His vision and passion is to advocate for all people no matter the; race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, or disabilities.

***Accomplishments and Success***

Authoring his first book- The Hidden Struggles of Man

Wichita State University- First African American to serve on Budget and Finance- budgeting 6.5 million dollars. Based off historical records

Wichita State University- Academic Committee Chair (2000-2002)

Model United Nations, St. Louis Missouri Conference- Delegate Representative

2nd Place for research on combating HIV/Aids in Africa

State of Kansas Community Services Award

Former Lead for Mentoring4success- Kansas Department of Corrections

2012 Trailblazer Award for Community Building

Chairman- Board of Directors for Hope Incorporated 2013- 2015

Alice Dreams of Hope Inc. President 2005-Current

Southern University and A&M College- Mr. Southern University 2001 1st Runner-up

Center Review Board for (SJCC) Job Corps Center 1998-1999

***Educational Background***

*U.S. Department of Labor Training Administration

Business/Marketing Management & Retail Sales

*Butler College- Philosophy and Religion

*Southern University A&M College- Philosophy

*Wichita State University- Political Science and Philosophy

*Tabor College- Biblical Studies/ Christian Ministry Program.

***Personal Influenced by others***

Dr. Maria Burns Webb, Educator with a PhD in Psychology- An Ivy Beyond the Wall of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. (Mother)*

Mrs. Margaret Holmes Martin, Community Leader (Spiritual Mother)*

Dr. Donny Granvel, Former Pastor of the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Alexandria LA *

Dr. E. Edward Jones, Pastor of the Galilee Baptist Church- Distinguish Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

Elder Roy G. Hines Sr., Pastor and Regional Evangelist - Churches of God in Christ

Dr. T. J. Jemison, National Baptist Convention USA Inc. - Distinguish Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated*

Bishop Mark L. Gilkey, Prelate of Kansas South West Churches of God in Christ


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