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~ Community News & Events ~

Community & Civil Rights Activist, Government Consultant, Equal Employment Opportunity Advocate, 

Speaker and Mentoring   

The Honorable F. Rae Swent, Retd. Judge- Legal Counsel​ 

Above: The First African American Senator for Kansas

The Honorable Curtis L McClinton Sr. March 20, 1913 - June 27, 2012

Above: Norris Guillot Jr. & one of the country's best U.S. Senators, Pat Roberts - Retd. U.S. Senate  1997 to 2019.

Walking the Nation's Capitol 

Community and Civil Rights Activist Norris Guillot Jr, Partners with Operation Holiday 

Two Men Speaking Out To Help Change Lives

Motivational Speaker Chris Simning

(To watch a video of Chris click here )

To learn more about Chris Simning, please visit him on the web at

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