The Man Behind the Voice 

Encouraging and Inspiring Millions

The Mission and Vision of TMBV

~The Man Behind the Voice~


The Man Behind the Voice focuses on encouraging others through motivational speaking by using real life personal experiences to help individuals see their true potential. TMBV also uses community building and community networking to uphold citizens’ rights, maintain justice and promote the fair ethical treatment of all.


The vision for TMBV is to advocate for the voiceless, empower the powerless and inspire change for the betterment of all in urban communities across the country." *Encourage and Inspire*


The Man Behind the Voice contacts are from all walks of life: urban communities, at-risk youth, prison inmates, ex-offenders, students, large and small corporations and companies. Individual mentor-ship is offered as well.

Home Office: Dallas, Texas

Other Locations: Wichita, Kansas & Alexandria, Louisiana

Norris Guillot Jr, Civil Rights Activist, Community Activist, Government Consultant, Black Lives Matters Movement, Public Speaker, Life Coach